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The Advantage of Experience

Refurbishment work is more demanding than extension building as you are dealing with an existing building which has been subject to the rigours of occupation and the elements. How much experience the contractor has is crucial in assessing costs and time scales. We have plenty of relevant experience as we have refurbished hundreds of properties of all types throughout Manchester.

The first stage of a refurbishment is to draw up a detailed specification with you. We will discuss with you you a host of detailing as only then can we accurately cost the works. Many problems that lead to cost overruns or that might spoil the look of the scheme can be designed out at this stage.

Keeping Things Running Smoothly

We draw up and give you a timetable so as you are aware of how the job will proceed and how long it will last. Starting and finishing on time is very important to us as project overruns cost both yourselves and our company money.

Normally during works we require fewer decisions from clients than normal builders as most decisions will have been made during the preparation stage. However when decisions are required we will ask you well in advance making life a little easier for you. Organising work in such a fashion negates the need for urgent telephone calls to your place of work to deal with the latest crisis.

A Quality Finish

The quality of the final finish is dependent upon the quality of a tradesman's work. We are competitive rather than cheap as we only employ skilled tradesmen with many years experience.

Many people realise when it is too late that a cheap price means a builder has used cheap materials. Good materials and good workmanship go hand in hand. Good materials are an investment as they last longer and need less maintenance saving you money in the long term.

Really Finishing

We make a commitment to finish on time to our clients. This is important to us as we have work booked in weeks ahead and to overrun will let down both yourselves and our next customer. We are also committed to a full completion of our work and that involves tidying up all the minor snagging that any job requires. It is the snagging that truly gives the scheme a superior finish.

Please take a look at our latest projects to see how our methodology works in the real world.

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